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One thing is for sure when we look at the world of Spectrum emulation is that the most popular platform seems to be MS-DOS. ZX Plus is no exception in this case and although it only emulates the 48k and 128k models (the most popular) it does it very well indeed.

So what does your PC need in order to use this emulator?

486 DX2/66 Processor With 16MB RAM & DOS Compatable Sound Card.

Another point worth noting is that the requirements are often lower when the Spectrum is emulated in MS-DOS, probably due to less overheads from the operating system.

Emulator Installation
Requires WinZIP to decrunch.
Emulator Ease Of Use
Ease Of Use

At first the emulator can be a little difficult to use but once you find out were all those options are and you take a good read of the documents you are away.

Emulator Compatibility
Again this emulator is capable of loading pretty much all of the current emulated game formats and running them without glitches.
Emulator Graphics

This emulator does not use scan line enhancements to visualy improve the look of Spectrum graphics in full screen but the quality is very high indeed. The games look closer to the original machine than they would with scan lines.

Emulator Sound
I couldn't get the sound to work at first due to running the emulator under a Windows MS-DOS prompt but once I shut down Windows and entered MS-DOS mode, fired up my sound card drivers and tried again - bingo!. The sound reproduction is like all spectrum emulators very good.
Emulator Speed
The speed is very close to that of the real machine and does not overclock itself on faster machines. There are no options to increase the speed of the emulated Z80 or the emulated cassette loading times in this emulator though.
Emulator Registration
The beauty of emulation is that most authors create these superb programs in their free time and therefore expect nothing in return. ZX Plus has no registration fee and is 100% free.
Emulator Download

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