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Think you can beat these scores?? If you do then choose your game, get as far or as many points as you can (without cheating) and then save the screen with your score on and send me a link to where the image is stored (you can send me the link here) and if it's higher than any of the scores on this page i'll put it on along with your name.

ZX Spectrum High Scores
Commando Brendan has achieved a massive score of 249300 on Commando...very impressive indeed. Let's see if someone can top that.
Sabre Wulf Donkyderby sent in this shot of Sabre Wulf with a score of 23065...do you think you can you beat it?
Donkyderby has also sent in this shot of Booty with a fabulous 114 Booty...Is there anyone who thinks they can beat this?...if so send me a screenshot and if your score is good enough it will be put up onto the Hi Score board for the world to see.
Green Beret
Heimnar has sent in this brilliant high score of 50300 on Green Beret. I think that will take a while to beat.
Jet Pac
Heimnar has also sent in another high score of 17130 on Jet Pac..well done. I can see these scores being up for quite a while.
Sabre Wulf
Heimnar has been busy this week as he has also sent in the highest score so far on Sabre Wulf..which is a massive 26780....well done Heimnar
Sabre Wulf
Sabrewulf is very popular on the high score table and this score sent in by Akhav is the highest yet...very well done Akhav for achieving such a high score of 36105...can this be beaten?...only time will tell..
Manic Miner
This is my feeble attempt at Manic Miner..I couldn't get past Eugene's Lair, but heres my score anyway 7946..im sure someone can beat that
Dont Panic
Another feeble attempt by myself.. and this time at Don't Panic with a measly score of 1330. If you can't beat that then i'll eat my hat...that's if i had one.
Dont Panic
Donkyderby has sent in a score of 950 on Don't Panic..Come on Donkyderby i'm sure you can beat my lowly score of 1330.
Street Hassle
Had a go on Street Hassle today and surpried myself by getting to the 3rd level. I managed to get a score of 5795 which i think is pretty good considering i haven't played it for a couple of years.
River Raid
Donkyderby has sent in a score of 37620 on River Raid. This was a brilliant classic game and if you haven't played it before then i suggest you load up that emulator and play it.

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