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The ZX Spectrum was not intended souly as a video games machine although the quality of the video games released were of a very high standard at the time of release. Sinclair along with many other software houses created serious software for the machines as well, this includes full office suits and graphic design programs to music creation and desktop publishing.

Later came the video games with instant classics from superb software houses such as Codemasters (the Dizzy collection, simulation software, CJ the elephant) - these were all fun games intended for all ages (a time when computer violence involved tickling an egg). Education software was also released for the ZX Spectrum from a very early date, these include "first steps", "fun school" and "jungle maths" - all of these packages were used in the local schools around me and proved to be a valuable learning tool for young children and those with learning difficulties.

If you have ever heard of Mire Mare and the mystery surrounding this game then this page will be of interest to you Mire Mare

I am not going to say that the software released on the ZX Spectrum was the best range of software for any machine but I am sure that it ranks pretty high in the minds of those that grew up around this superb computer. Anyone remember Inspector Gadget? - hehehe.

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