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Z80 Stealth is another fine emulator for the Windows platform and is in almost the same league as our favourite ZX32. Z80 Stealth emulates the following systems:

128K/Pentagon 128/512

While it is not as powerful as ZX32 in terms of the machines emulated or the extra features it still remains an easy emulator to get use and besides it doesn't cost the user a penny as no registration fees are imposed.

So what are the requirements?

P133, 16MB RAM, Direct X Compatible Sound Card.

Emulator Installation
Requires WinZIP to decrunch.
Emulator Ease Of Use
Ease Of Use

This emulator is very easy to use once you press F1 but I couldn't get the emulator to access any drive other than the default C:\ to load any images. It's also recommended that you do NOT run this emulator under a Windows DOS box.

Emulator Compatibility
Z80 Stealth can read (SNA/Z80/SLT/PRG/SP/SIT/TAP/TRD/SCL) data formats.
Emulator Graphics

The graphics are very good and no attempt is made to enhance the edges of any on screen graphics (scan line etc). In game graphics are spot on (as most emulators) and I couldn't find anything to complain about.

Emulator Sound
The sound is pretty accurate in most games we tested although we did have a problem when the emulator crashed and we couldn't restart the sound card, which meant a restart of Windows or exiting to MS-DOS mode.
Emulator Speed
Again the speed is superb providing your machine meets the above specification but as with most minimum specs it's always best to go one above so I recommend a P166 with 32MB RAM.
Emulator Registration
The beauty of emulation is that most authors create these superb programs in their free time and therefore expect nothing in return. Z80 Stealth has no registration fee and is 100% free.
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