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VBSpec is the worlds first Spectrum emulator to be coded purely in Microsoft's Visual Basic, and to be honest it will probably be the last.

The emulator was programmed just to see if emulation development was possible in this language, and indeed it is. VBSpec emulates the following systems:


Not surprisingly the requirements are higher than that of most emulators (VB is very slow at compiling data) you will need the following:

P266, 16MB RAM, Visual Basic 6 Runtime.

Emulator Installation
Requires WinZIP to decrunch (without VB Runtime) or Installer (with full runtime libraries).
Emulator Ease Of Use
Ease Of Use

This emulator is very easy to use, simply click File then Open and select your game to run it!.

Emulator Compatibility
VBSpec can read (SNA/Z80/ROM) data formats.
Emulator Graphics

The graphics are remarkable, anyone that has used Visual Basic for any kind of programming will be shocked when they see this emulator running. The reproduction of the graphics is superb, although there are no options for a full screen display but the interface can be resized along with the emulated display.

Emulator Sound
Again, considering the emulator is coded in Visual Basic the sound output is very good indeed. The sound from many computer games is very accurate and the only problem I had was a constant return key signal that would sound once the Spectrum was reset or the interface had lost focus (multi-tasking).
Emulator Speed
The speed is superb providing your computer meets the above specification, although I recommend at least 32MB RAM and a P300 before attempting to run this emulator.
Emulator Registration
The beauty of emulation is that most authors create these superb programs in their free time and therefore expect nothing in return. VBSpec has no registration fee and is 100% free.
Emulator Download

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