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Game : The Great Escape
Reviewed By : Heimnar
Date : 05/10/03

World War II. A prison camp...and a prisoner that wants to get free. And of course needs player's help. To do so, he has to collect items necessary to escape, prepare everything correctly and finally flee from the German prison camp. Game area consits of the interior of the camp. There are three prisoners' barracks, exercise area, and a big building along the north wall. Items necessary to collect can be found in certain rooms - or delivered via Red Cross parcel that arrives each morning. To the left to the game screen, there is a pole and a flag. If it reaches the ground - game over. It goes down a bit each time you are put into solitary. Guys that can send you there are
the guards (German soldiers) and the Chief Warden (Commander, or whatever else you want to call him). Dogs are also a nuisance. You can find a soldiers suit that will make you look same as guards. It will allow you to walk freely anywhere you like inside the camp. But beware of the Commander - he will recognize you and send outright to the solitary. You will need some more things to collect to escape the camp. I won't tell more, as not to spoil the game. OK, one little
spoiler (but very helpful). There is a key, close to the solitary that opens the door right to the dining room. Opening these door cause the flag to go up, plus gives a lot extra points. Kind of a cheat (or a bug), but finishing the game without exploiting it, can be difficult. Oh, and one more thing - if you don't know what to do at the moment of Roll Call or Bed Time it sometimes helps just to let your prisoner stand. After some time he will go on his own and do what is needed to avoid being sent to solitary. Great Escape is truly a GREAT game. You've got to try it out. Graphics is really nice. Music - only on the starting screen (but pleasant as well) Sound - some, but not necessary here. Among my favourites.

My score - 9/10.

The Great Escape The Great Escape The Great Escape The Great Escape

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