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Game : The Addams Family
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

Your trecherous accountant, Tully and his accomplaices are trying to throw you and your family out of your ancestral mansion. The rest of the family don't want to leave and have hidden themselves in and around the mansion. You must find and rescue the rest of the family overcoming the many hazards which lurk around the house.

Cue a great platformer for the entire family (no pun intended).

The game looks great, certainly when you consider the lack of colours available to developers on the Spectrum machines. The only real problem that I noticed when playing the game is how small Gomez (your main character) looks on screen, couple this with the fact that the colour bug is infecting the sprites (they change colour like Chameleons when you pass other objects) but this is mostly due to the lack of hardware in the ZX machine than badly developed code.

My score - 8/10

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