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SpecX has a very nice interface, slightly different from your average Windows boxes - you'll see what I mean when you try it. SpecX is only capable of emulating the 48K Sinclair model (the one with rubber keys!) and I must say the emulation is very cool.

The only bad thing about the emulator is the registration fee of £10 although we can't expect hours of hard work to be free all the time - can we?

SpecX requires the following:

P133, 16MB RAM, 2MB Graphics Card & The Latest Version Of DirectX

Emulator Installation
Requires WinZIP to decrunch.
Emulator Ease Of Use
Ease Of Use

This emulator is very easy to use, simply click File then Open and select your game to run it!. There are many advanced features in this emulator also, for example the overclocking of the emulated Z80.

Emulator Compatibility
SpecX can read (SNA/TAP/Z80) data formats and has a very high accuracy rate in all of the games we tested it with.
Emulator Graphics

The graphics are superb in this emulator, the interface draws an FPS indicater on the bottom right corner of the screen while displaying 100% perfect emulated Spectrum graphics.

Emulator Sound
The sound is SUPERB, the accuracy levels are very high indeed and the People From Sirius game finally has perfect sound (the only emulator that produces it). DirectX has been used in this emulator and produced very accurate results - well done Robin.
Emulator Speed
Again the speed is superb, usually maintaining 95-100% even when you are multi-tasking and moving the mouse around the screen.
Emulator Registration
The beauty of emulation is that most authors create these superb programs in their free time and therefore expect nothing in return. SpecX however does have a registration fee of £10 and those that don't register the software are presented with an annoying pop-up and it only runs for 10 minutes - nasty but the emulation is superb.
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