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Can you remember 10 years ago when the owners of some other 8 bit computers? (Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC) used to call the Spectrum for having rubbish colours? well not any more because thanks to these guys the games you love to play have been converted into glorious 256 colour.

Imagine yourself playing your Spectrum games with 256 colours. Yes, you´ve read well. This is what SPEC256 can do.

This emulator will only run with games that have been converted to 256 colours. Currently there are 12 titles that have been converted and they look excellent.

Emulator Installation
Requires WinZIP to decrunch
Emulator Ease Of Use
Ease Of Use

This emulator is very easy to use, simply click SPEC256.exe then press F7 and select your game to run it!. There are many advanced features in this emulator also, for example joystick use and the speed of the emulator can be adjusted.

Emulator Compatibility
Spec256 can only play the games that have been converted to 256 colour. Although there are only 12 they look excellent and more titles will be available soon. The games available so far are : Phantis (Dinamic), Jet Pac (Ultimate), Game Over (Dinamic), Game Over2 (Dinamic), Solomons Key (Probe), Abu Simbel (Dinamic), Army Moves (Dinamic), Army Moves2 (Dinamic), Cybernoid (Hewson), Sabre Wulf (Ultimate), Knight Lore (Ultimate) and Underwurlde (Ultimate).
Emulator Graphics

Graphics are of course excellent (your speccy games never looked so good) . In the games we tested we didn't notice any graphical errors at all.

Emulator Sound
The sound was excellent and sounded just like the real thing.
Emulator Speed
Speed is of course excellent in any screen mode you wanted to play it in.
Emulator Registration
The beauty of emulation is that most authors create these superb programs in their free time and therefore expect nothing in return. Spec256 does not have a registration fee and is 100% free.
Emulator Download

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