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Game : Skooldaze
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

This game is probably the most accurate simulation of a school that there ever has been or ever will be. It forsakes the modern problems of teenage pregnancy and random beatings in the cloakrooms for an innocent view of the past when the only things to fear where the school bully, and possibly being caught out of class.

You play the role of Eric, a typically rogue-ish pupil who's school marks are so bad that he doesn't want his parents to see his school report which contains enough damning marks to ensure that should his parents ever get wind of it, his bottom will get the spanking of a lifetime.

Skool Daze is probably a far more influential game than it ever intended to be. It gave the Spectrum user a first glimpse of good computer artificial intelligence giving life to a realistic environment populated by characters acting and interacting in an intelligent fashion. As such I think it should be one of the first games that not only any budding retrogamer should play, but anyone thinking of producing a game themselves, because it teaches a lot of lessons (no pun intended) about solid immersive gameplay that is sadly lacking in today's gaming scene.

My score - 9/10

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