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Game : Oracles Cave
Reviewed By : Heimnar
Date : 09/10/03

I remember that game from long ago, when I played it on my ZX. I think it was one of the first approaches to a game that we can call a computer RPG. The story is clearly described at the beggining - you are a knight trapped somewhere inside a cave complex. You have to get out of there...But not empty-handed. You have to collect some trasure, and also to defeat one of the special foes. You can choose your "destiny" at the start. It can be either a Dragon, or Centaur, or Mummy, or the Black Knight. Of course choosing one of them doesn't mean You can't kill others - they've got nice items. The gameplay, despite a very simple and seemeingly poor design is really great. I spent hours playing that game. The cave complex is being generated each time You start the game. Caves look really nice. The animation is...not so important. Generally the "graphical and sound" side of the game is just enough to make a good "anchor" for Your imagination. You control the movements of the knight typing in one-letter commands. All possible choices appear at the bottom of the screen. You can collect weapons that will help you in fighting monsters, magic items that will cure Your wounds or make You invisible, and allow to steal the treasure from enemies, ropes that can be used in certain caves to reach either the cave above or below (if there is no ladder). If heavily wounded, or just tired - our knight can rest for a given period of time. This will cure his wounds and make him able to fight again. One of the difficulties is that You have to keep track of time, as it is limited. I think the whole adventure can last for 4 or 5 days only. In that time You have to collect enough treasure, kill the chosen enemy and exit through the Oracle's Cave. Oracle itself is a rather difficult foe. In simple words it is a good game that everybody should at least try out. And as for RPG fans - it is a must!

My scores - 8/10 overall and 9/10 for gameplay - this one is REALLY good.

Oracles Cave
Oracles Cave

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