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Game : Nodes Of Yesod
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

You play as a spaceman and your mission is to search the moons caves for jewels called alchiems. The cool thing about this game is that when you start the game on the moons surface you have to find a space mole which pop out of craters. When you have eventually got your mole (and this can take some time as they are quick) you can use it to burrow through walls to get more alchiems under the moons surface. But beware as there is another spaceman with the same mission (who is red) and he will steal your alchiems if you don't get out of the room quick enough.

The game looks brilliant, when you consider the lack of colours available to developers on the Spectrum machines and the fact that it was made over 17 years ago.

My score - 8/10

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