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Game : Jet Pac
Reviewed By : Heimnar
Date : 09/10/03

Jet Pac is a nice little game. The story is quite simple - You are an astronaut - lost, somewhere in space... On each level you have to gather fuel for your rocket and take off. Just to land on another planet, where the story repeats. Each fifth planet is a bit different, since You will have to assemble the rocket as well. Also You shall be given an extra life then. On each level You will encounter various enemies. Some of them will be really easy - they will blow out each time they hit something and (or) they will keep flying in one direction...But some others can be pretty dangerous, since they will be homing towards our astronaut and getting rid of them will be somehow tricky, although relatively easy after some training. Level 4, for example, that looks really easy, since the small planes are just flying ahead and crashing the platforms, may become qiute difficult when You will be staying on the ground level - as those planes are actually homing on the astronaut. Control keys are - bottom row: left or right, middle row - fire, and top row - jet pac. Numbers let the astronaout hover on a set altitude. Things are being picked automatically. Some of them are just bonuses, and thay dissappear after picking them up (giving some points instead). Other things - like pieces of rocket, or fuel has to be delivered to the place where the first stage of the rocket is standing. Don't bother carrying the pieces of the rocket, or the fuel, down - it is enough if You will fly over this place - the item will drop down slowly. As the rocket will start flashing it means it is ready to go - then - just enter it and take off. The game seems really easy and straightforward, but, believe me - It is addictive. And really good. The sequel - Lunar Jetman is even better, but Jet Pac is just a real classic.

My score - 9/10

Jet Pac Jet Pac Jet Pac Jet Pac

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