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Game : Green Beret
Reviewed By : Heimnar
Date : 05/10/03

Green Beret is a nice arcade game. The story is simple - you are a lone commando - your mission: Rescue some captives. How to do that is pretty obvious - you have to go through a few levels full of bad guys. Controls are redefinable which is good, as you may set them in a way you feel is best for you. Game is hard and sometimes you've got to be really quick. As a basic weapon your commando has a knife - so you can stab baddies only from really up-close. You will encounter various kinds of enemies. From guys that just run in your direction, through those that stop from time to time to shoot at you (beware of those - they can climb ladders), or some others who jump all the time - and thus are a bit difficult to hit. From time to time you may encounter a slowly running soldier that, once killed, will leave some extra weapon for you - either a bazooka, or some granades. Needless to say - it may prove very useful. This is a game for those of you, who like arcade challenges, since the game is really difficult. I personally have never finished that one. Always got killed somewhere in the harbor. Sound is quite OK, there is no music. Which is OK. Graphics are good - baddies are easily to be seen. Level design rather simple, but still quite interesting. Not a classic, like good old Jet Pac, for example, but definitely a game you should at least give a try.

My score - 8/10.

Don't worry about the score - I give 10's only to games that are absolutely fantastic in my opinion. This one is just very good.

Green Beret Green Beret Green Beret Green Beret

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