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Game : Cyclone
Reviewed By : Heimnar
Date : 05/10/03

Want to fly a chopper? Go on, and try this one. There are several islands in an archipelago. A cyclone is going back and forth all the time. People on those islands need your help, waiting for evacuation. The idea of the game is quite simple. Flying a helicopter over those islands you have to collect 6 crates hidden somewhere on them. You have got some limited time. You can use it to collect the crates only, but also to rescue the people from the islands. You've got to keep an eye on where the Cyclone is - if it will get to close - you are in trouble, since maneuvering your chopper will become really hard and you can easily hit something - which of course is fatal. Fuel is another thing you have to worry about. You can't fly without it, of course. To fill some you have to land on a helipad - plain white square. Aircrafts that cross the airspace from time to time can also be very dangerous. The game is not so hard. It has wonderful 3-D graphics. Each island has hills, valleys, narrow crevices and beaches. The crates you have to find can be hidden anywhere. View-switch buttom may prove very useful. Sound of the heli-motor is very nice. I really enjoyed that one. Once back in the past, and recently on an emulator. Certainly a "must-try" game.

My score - 9/10

Cyclone Cyclone Cyclone Cyclone

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