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Game : Booty
Reviewed By : Mark
Date : 01/08/03

BOOTY I remember playing this game probably about 1984 and loved the pirates theme so much - Pirates Gold is great and so is Cutthroats but Booty was the game that probably started it all. The graphics are great with loads of colour which doesn't clash too badly considering. The sound is admittedly annoying after a while but when there's so much crammed into 48k who can complain? Anyway you can turn it off. Basically, you are trapped on a ship full of ghost pirates (the recent Ghost Ship film reminded me of Booty!) and the aim is to steal all the treasure. Each room has an assortment of treasure, pirates, keys and doors to navigate. Dodge the pirates and unlock the doors to steal all the treasure. Sounds easy but of course it isn't - you have to time a lot of your maneuveres and just when you think you've cracked it a killer bird or rat kills you! All in all, undisputedly one of the greatest Spectrum games of all and I defy anyone to complete it without the Infinite Lives cheat!

My score - 10/10.

There is a hidden game in Booty. Read the review about it here.

Booty Booty Booty Booty

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