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Game : Back To Skool
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

This is the sequel to Skool Daze where you played the role of Eric and your mission was to get into the headmasters safe and get your terrible school report before your parents saw it. Now once again you play Eric in Back To Skool and your mission is to get your forged report INTO the headmasters safe. You start off with the catapult, but will have to find other weapons on your travels. Teachers roam the corridors and classrooms, always eager to dish out lines and generally be obstructive. Collect too many lines and the game ends.One of the most innovative features in both Skool Daze and Back to Skool is the way in which you have to interact with other characters in order to complete the game. Eric has the ability to punch other school chums (including the girls) as well as walk, jump, ride the bike and write on blackboards.

The graphics live up to the standards set by Skool Daze, and they have been improved upon by the sprites and school having more detail and also i have noticed the scrolling is smoother.

The extra playing area makes it lovely to look at. Despite the lack of colour the game is clear to look at with not a colour clash in sight.

My score - 9/10

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