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Game : Ad-Astra
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

What do you get when you cross the arcade classic Asteroids with another classic such as Space Invaders? you get a highly addictive and very playable space shoot-em-up.

Avoid the planets and asteroids while shooting your way through wave after wave of enemies that look remarkably like those found in the early Star Wars movies, this one will keep you going for a good while.

AD Astra is designed for the 16 and 48K models and it's hard to believe that the game would actually run on a 16K machine, the ship moves from side to side with ease and it looks great. The star field is also pretty well done although the problems that plauged many Spectrum titles to come after this one still rear their ugly heads.

For example the sprite collision routine clearly shows a block around your ship and gives you at least a full second before your ship explodes - in real life you'd be pretty dead.

My score - 7/10

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