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Game : Action Biker starring Clumsy Colin
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

Clumsy Colin stars in this crazy bike riding game from the snack company KP Skips, developed by M.J Child and Mastertronic way back in the 1980s this game involves you racing through many difficult environments set in your own neighbourhood, the only other problem being that Colin isn't like you and me - oh no, he is constantly running things down and causing unwanted harm on people he doesn't even know. Guide Colin through level after level of dangerous traps and surprises.

When compared to the C64 version it does look a lot worse but hey, your not supposed to be comparing it to other versions anyway. If you were like me when you were younger and the tape was the only media that games came on you wouldn't look at a game just for the graphics, it's the gameplay that counts.

Action Biker will keep fans of the racing genre happy for a while

In my honest opinion a little boring, but I'm not a fan of the overhead racing genre, but if you are then play it now.

My score - 5/10

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