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Game : A Day In The Life
Reviewed By : Gavin
Date : 09/03/08

God alone knows what Stephen was on when he created this game as you take on the role of Sir Clive Sinclair* (the man behind the Sinclair Spectrum) and need to accomplish many set tasks without getting yourself killed by the nasty bugs, televisions with minds of their own and other nasties that roam your house. The character of Sir Clive has been captured quite well and you can pretty much tell it's the man when you play the game.

*Actually, you play the part of Sir Clives head - told you it was weird.

The game is pretty basic looking as you can see, but as most early titles were developed by bedroom programmers we couldn't expect anything better - or could we?

This game is definitely different - try it if you like playing something completely different.

My score - 5/10

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