Date:Sat July 19 2003, 14:49
From:Graham Shaw

hi gavin,

in a nutshell “yes“... as the author i have no problem with you putting any
of our games on your website. i have already given permission for other
websites (including the WoS Archive) to use our games for downloading. we
still have the copyright for some of our games. some games we sold
“outright“ to companies such as Atlantis and Cult - who seem to have
disappeared a longtime ago. but as the author (in this grey area) i give
permission for you to use them. i suppose you have had a look at our
softography - so you can see which games we wrote and which labels were
“ours“, even some of the Atlantis games we still owned the copyright, and
the games issued on cover cassettes for Crash, Sinclair User and Your
Sinclair we still have copyright.

graham d. shaw