Date: Tue July 22 2003, 12:28
From:Cliff Lawson


Sorry but I don't think that permission to distribute Sinclair games is Amstrad's to give. I think we
only bought the legal rights to the hardware, not the software.

Amstrad are happy for emulator writers to include images of our copyrighted
code as long as the (c)opyright messages are not altered and we appreciate
it if the program/manual includes a note to the effect that "Amstrad have
kindly given their permission for the redistribution of their copyrighted
material but retain that copyright".
Amstrad only bought the rights to Spectrum 48/128 from Sinclair and
then produced the + machines ourselves. I do not believe the copyright for ZX 80,81 or
Interface 1 and 2 has anything to do with Amstrad.

People scanning, OCRing, HTMLing & PDFing any manuals
that are genuinely (c)Amstrad are doing us a favour because if
someone asks for a copy we can just point them at a URL. So we'd welcome as many of them to be put online as possible
if people can take out the time and trouble to do it.